Protecting Your Ownership Experience

Protecting your investment in your vehicle is the reason your Portfolio dealer provides ownership protection products like vehicle service contracts, warranties, GAP coverage, anti-theft, appearance protection, maintenance plans and more.

Your vehicle is essential to your daily life, so these products are valuable to you to prevent unexpected costs from wrecking your monthly budget.

We encourage you to contact your dealer about your protection products. Your dealer is the place to get the best answers about YOUR vehicle and the selection of ownership protection products you purchased. So a call or visit will always give you the best information.

That being said, Portfolio wants you to have the convenience of using this website to learn about the ownership protection products our dealers offer. Feel free to contact us by email for more product information, and if you have already purchased a product, have your contract in hand so we can better help you.

You can trust Portfolio Protection

Portfolio has been serving dealers and customers like you since 1990, and is respected as a straightforward industry leader. Since 1990 over $520 Million has been paid to cover customers’ claims on their ownership protection products.

All Portfolio Protection products are backed by stable and respected A Rated insurers and are administered by the top warranty administrators in the US.