Protecting Your Ownership Experience

Express Etch

Protecting Your Investment

By permanently engraving each window with a registered number, highlighted by a window decal warning, the Express Etch vehicle becomes easily identifiable. Auto thieves rarely steal a vehicle which would require window replacement.

Guaranteed Protection: Portfolio Limited Guarantee pays you up to $2500 if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days. *

Insurance Discount:

Provides you a premium discount opportunity with most insurance companies.

(Check with your agent for specific details.)

Features and Benefits:

  • Vehicle Identification System effectively deters theft.
  • Law Enforcement quickly identifies registered vehicles.
  • System cannot be removed or by-passed.
  • “Chop shops” rarely buy vehicles that can be traced.
  • Replacing all window glass can be very costly, as high as $5,000!
  • Vehicle registration can reduce theft by 60% and increase recovery by 85%!