Protecting Your Ownership Experience

Express Glass Defense

Protect your windshield!

Express Glass Defense protects your vehicle’s windshield from the unavoidable chips and starburst cracks caused by flying road debris that litters our roads and highways.

Even greater damage can occur requiring the complete replacement of the windshield that can cost over $1,000!

You can avoid this misery, drive safely and maintain your vehicle’s appearance with Express Glass Defense.

How does it work?

Dealer-applied Express Glass Defense chemicals bond with the glass and work in two ways…

  • The chemicals strengthen the surface of the glass to resist damage from road debris
  • Water on your windshield beads up and runs off

What if the windshield is damaged?

  • REPAIR… chips and starburst cracks are professionally repaired.
  • REPLACE… if damage is not repairable, the windshield is replaced!
  • No costly deductibles!

Get 1, 3 or 5 Years of Windshield Protection!