Protecting Your Ownership Experience

Express Key Replacement

Security for You and Your Vehicle

Today’s car key/remotes provide security. You also want security for replacement of that key if it’s lost, stolen or destroyed. Replacement is costly… $400 to $800! With Express Key Replacement, you can avoid that cost and enjoy the dual benefits of emergency roadside assistance too!

Express Key Replacement benefits:

Key/Remote Replacement for $400 to $800, and Emergency Roadside Assistance:

  • Towing Assistance: towing due to loss or destruction of key/remote
  • Lockout Assistance: service for keys locked inside the vehicle
  • Emergency Message Relay: up to 3 messages relayed to family, friends or business associates
  • Car Rental Program: discounts at the major car rental providers
  • Driver’s Valet: connections to preferred car rental firm for convenient delivery of replacement vehicle